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Take advantage of the best conditions to purchase WCSENSOR for your home or business and you can start saving water in your WCs!


WCSENSOR, the device for saving and responsible consumption of water in toilets.

By installing WCSENSOR we can calibrate the liters of the discharge withaYlarga so that we get up to an average of 3 liters per discharge.

With a savings of more than 70% we can say that this ecological device is the best way to curb unnecessary water consumption.


WCSENSOR, What is it?

It is a universal device for WC, that does not require contact and that offers the possibility of regulating and calibrating the amount of water used in each flush when flushing the toilet cistern. It is activated by a proximity sensor, which guarantees the safety and hygiene of users, since contact with surface microorganisms is not necessary. The universal download kit includes all the necessary parts and instructions for assembly.

Have you ever wondered how much potable water we waste on the toilet?

More than 25% of the water that is consumed in our daily life goes to the toilet.
The capacities of the toilet tanks range between 9 and 15 liters, and they are usually thrown in their entirety, not being not necessary in any case.
And it is for this reason that we have developed this new product, which offers us great water savings, since we can adjust the amount of liters to be discarded in each discharge; short flush between 1.5 and 3 liters and long flush between 3.5 and 6 liters.
Once these values are defined, we will always know how much our toilet consumes thanks to our APP.


How to install WCSENSOR?

It has a part that replaces the pushbuttons or handles and the mechanism that raises the tube that allows the passage of water when "pulling the chain" and takes control of the passage of water in each discharge and the other part is its wireless sensor that It allows you to activate the short or long download and it can be located where it is most comfortable for us. Its simple installation makes assembly possible in less than 5 minutes.

Communicate and control your toilet from your mobile App

You can download the App for free and take control of your consumption. You can manage all the WCSENSOR devices you have.
Choose how much you want to save thanks to the easy and intuitive application. Choose and modify at any time the the liters of your flush (short or long) and update your consumption data whenever you want. And calibrate the volume of these in the most efficient way.

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We are compatible with the vast majority of downloads on the market:


Efficiency and Quality

Regulation and control of each download enables us to save water without precedent, which will be represented directly on your bill.

WCSENSOR has been put to the test in numerous quality controls, to guarantee its optimal performance in any type of cistern, obtaining several protections from the SPTO.


That's how it works WCSENSOR:


Its wireless sensor allows you to activate the small or large flush by bringing your hand closer to the device.

Discover AMAZING features that will surprise you



You will be able to calibrate your flushes between 1.5 and 6 liters, reducing water consumption by up to 70%, saving more than 15,000 liters of water per year per WC.



Contactless download, simply put your hand close to the sensor to trigger your downloads.



You can use WCSENSOR in any type of toilet.



With our APP you can connect to the sensor and configure it to control consumption for each type of download (long and short) as well as consult the usage data.



As contact with the button is not necessary, you will avoid touching a potentially contaminated area.



WCSENSOR is efficient in every way so you can download more than 30,000 without having to worry about batteries.

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Designed, patented and manufactured in Spain


Purchase your WCSENSOR now!

RRP 119.99€

Take advantage of the best conditions to purchase WCSENSOR for your home or business and you can start saving water in your WCs!


Meet our company

SENSSAL SOLUTIONS SL is an innovative company that is born of the need to find solutions that improve the daily lives of users, providing safety, hygiene, comfort and efficiency.

With the creation of WCSENSOR we show the great added value that we can offer.

Collaboration with various leading companies in the field of mechanics, electronics and computer engineering, with over 30 years of experience in the field of facilities have made possible all the innovation of the first SENSSAL project.

Simple and Universal

WCSENSOR, the best solution to save drinking water and contribute to the conservation of the planet

Unfortunately today millions of people do not have easy access to drinking water.

On the other hand, different studies confirm the great wastage of drinking water in the most developed countries.

More than 25% of the water we consume in our daily lives goes to the toilet.

Capabilities toilet cisterns range from 9 to 15 liters and are usually flushed entirety, not being necessary in any case.

WCSENSOR has a short and long discharge, allowing to calibrate the short discharge between 1.5 and 3.5 liters, and the long discharge between 4 and 7 liters. Once these values have been defined, we will always know how much each toilet consumes and calculate the enormous savings achieved.

WCSENSOR, the best solution to automate your bathroom

WCSENSOR for visible cisterns

WCSENSOR for visible cisterns

Get this automatic flusher for the toilet cistern with Touchless Technology through wireless connection and increase your safety and that of those around you.

It adapts to all types of cisterns, visible or recessed. Place the sensor where it is most convenient for you to use it.

You don't need a professional to install it, simply follow the steps in our video tutorial to start using it in less than 5 minutes.

Reduce your consumption thanks to the flush calibration that you can do through our App.

This kit has two components, a sensor on the outside that gives the flush order and another one located inside the cistern that generates the flush).

WCSENSOR for recessed cisterns

WCSENSOR for recessed cisterns

This pack also includes the WCSENSOR and other accessories.

These will allow you to install the device in recessed cisterns.

These accessories consist of a blind cover and acoustic insulation.

They are also universal, i.e. they fit all wall-mounted cisterns and will replace the existing push buttons, as these will no longer have any function.

Thanks to our decorative cover we make it possible to mount WCSENSOR in wall-recessed cisterns, improving the aesthetic function of your bathroom.

They trust us

May we help you?

It serves to save water every time we use the toilet and moreover we can "flush" without touching.

It can be adapted to any toilet cistern that allows us to catch the interior discharge tube, which are the vast majority.

Bringing the hand closer to the sensor at 15 cm we activate the short discharge and at 5 cm we activate the long discharge.

We can locate it where it is most comfortable for us to generate the download.

It has a range of between 5 and 10 m.

You can fix it on the same ceramic top using the included accessories. You can also fix it with the adhesive that it has or screw it to the wall, where it is most comfortable for you.

Requires 4 TYPE C batteries and 3 AAA batteries, normal or lithium batteries can be used.

Avoiding the unnecessary waste of water that we use in the WC.